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Tjeta specializes in customer validation for positive impact projects. We help the brightest minds of this time solve the big problems the world is facing by validating their solution smart & pragmatically.

For scale-ups

  • Got all critical questions for your investor pitch covered?
  • Are you shaping your international expansion plan?
  • Do you need to validate your innovation pipeline?
  • Has a new competitor come up that threatens your unique advantage?
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For corporates

  • Do you need insights to ignite or speed up your innovation projects?
  • Could your accelerator program use some help with customer validation?
  • Are you bored with expensive and sluggish research companies?
  • Do you want to bring to life innovation in spreadable content?
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Research projects have a tendency to become over-engineered, huge, expensive and in flexible mega projects that take forever to complete. We want to change that and uncover relevant insights, with the right target fast. Roughly right is better than precisely wrong.

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No endless discussion, long lead times, huge projects. We like to get started, iterate and learn.

Behavioural Science x Lean Start-up

Imagine Behavioural Science (study of understanding human behaviour) and Lean Start-up methodology (validating ideas fast) had a baby. That’s us.


We love diving into the context of different countries. Have loads of experience working across borders and a global partner network.

Positive impact

We focus on positive impact projects only. The bright minds of this world should focus on solving world's biggest problems over maximizing shareholder value.

Roughly right is better than precisely wrong   Roughly right is better than precisely wrong
Roughly right is better than precisely wrong.

We help you make decisions. Research made future-proof.


Opportunity analysis & strategy

Inspiration and guidance on where to go next.
Expert interviews, desk research, market sizing, trend analysis.

Customer discovery

Deeply understanding your customers’ needs and pain points. Observation, in-depth interviews, social media listening.

Testing & validation

Co-creating your value proposition together with your customers
Interviews, co-creation workshops, smoke tests

Bringing to life

Making shareable content for your organization
Posters, videos, booklets, animations, cartoons, VR experiences.
our other service

Tjeta Creative

A great idea is not enough. How do you get all key internal stakeholders on board to make it happen? We tell your story in a compelling, sticky way and spread it to the people that matter.

Karen van Diesen
“Our goal is to help you find the right answers to your innovation questions in a fast and effortless way.”
Our company is set up by Karen after 12+ years experience in innovation consultancy and qualitative research. Inspired by experiences across Tech, Banking, FMCG and Fashion, in boutique agencies and huge corporates, using traditional research methods and following Lean Start-up, she decided to venture out on her own to help companies do their innovation research in an agile yet high quality manner.
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